Everything you didn't know you needed: An ADHD Wish-List

If you're reading this you're probably an ADHD adult. Chances are, that's not gonna change any time soon.

Here's a list of items to help you live your best life:

For the forgetful:

  • Tile trackers - How many times have you lost your keys/wallet/phone this week?
  • Lose post-its? Try mirror pens for in-your-face reminders

For the Practical:

  • Rugged phones Be honest, how cracked is your screen right now? I recommend CAT. Think of it as an investment
  • Alexa/Google home -  “Hey google, ring my phone” “Hey Alexa, set a reminder to check the oven in 10 minutes”
  • Lockbox Keep your medication safely away from children and pets

For the under/over-stimulated:

  • Wireless Headphones - Listening to music you like releases dopamine and dopamine = motivation! It also helps block out background noise.

For the sleepless:

  • Weighted blanket - Help calm the nervous system, increasing the release of serotonin and melatonin
  • Sunlight alarm - Mimics the sun, gradually increasing in light intensity for a more natural, less jarring wake up call
  • Flying alarm - Because sunlight alarms aren’t for everybody and that snooze button is dangerous

Impulse purchase or mental health investment?

You decide.